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Financial Analyst

Connect. Once

Why are you utilizing so many integrators to connect to your stores and your data?

ETL. Extract,Translate,Load. EDI, AS2, X12. What do all of these terms have to do with your data? Leave the heavy lifting to iBistro's data connection service. Connect once to iBistro and the data connection service can interact with numerous third party platforms to send and receive data such as 850 Purchase orders or 810 Invoices. Utilize iBistro data connection service along with the iBistro app to create a centralized procurement system across all of your stores or locations.

Connect more easily, rapidly and cheaply to both existing and new B2B partners.

Easily exchange data with trading partners via established industry formats or proprietary data formats.

Connect once to our network and exchange data with numerous trading partners securely via AS2, EDI and SFTP. 

Reduce man hours through automated reports and exports to partners.
Integrate external customer data with your existing ERP system.

Connect to multiple trading partners with one simple connection.

Ready for a demo?
Reach out to us today to set up your free trial.

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