Connect Once with iBistro Data Connection

Ranging from standardized EDI exchanges to internal proprietary formats, we tailor our solutions to your business needs. iBistro empowers you to communicate with trading partners in the lingo that fulfills their requirements. 


Easily exchange data with trading partners via established industry formats or proprietary data formats.

How Does it Work?

Connect once to our network and exchange data with numerous trading partners securely via AS2, EDI and SFTP. 


Competitive Advantage

Strengthen customer relationships by connecting with your trading partners through a robust EDI solution.


Customer Compliance

Adhere to clients that are requiring EDI as their ordering communication method.


Eliminate Constraints

Your business is growing fast, accelerate your order management with today’s advancements of Data Exchange capabilities.


Streamline Your Ordering

Strengthen your order management by integrating with trading partners through one network, the iBistro Data Connection network.



Connect more easily, rapidly and cheaply to both existing and new B2B partners

Exchange data with your trading partners via any format

Reduce man hours through automated reports and exports to partners

Integrate external customer data with your existing ERP system

Connect to multiple trading partners with one simple connection


Go Green!

Switching to EDI saves on average 14 trees per year, which equates to 910 pounds of CO2 saved!

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