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Custom Solutions

Reporting Solutions


Customized Reporting

> Data visualization solutions

> Statistical modeling & trend analysis

> Scheduled reporting suite

AR/AP Reporting

> Invoice analysis and snapshots

> Purchase order history

> Accounting customized report views

Win/Loss Management

> Customer monitoring

> Track opportunity management metrics within one enterprise dashboard

> Benchmark monitoring

Data Analytics & Insights

> Data story telling & proactive decision making

> Breaking down barriers and understanding your data

> Identify patterns and make key data decisions to improve results

Data Automation

> Turn manual redundant activities into streamline solutions

> Capture relevant content to analyze against your business

> Automation on steroids. Take control of your data by integrating within any ERP, WMS, SCM, POS, etc.

Data Warehouse Utilization

> Data normalization and standardization infused into your data

> Get on the fast track to Data Quality success

> Integrate with extensive attributes to obtain new perspectives on your data

Data Engine Solutions


Price Monitoring


Price Tracking

> Track and trace yours and your client prices

> Identify the best deals or those product substitutions that can increase margins

> Monitor product price trends against historical prices and industry prices

Bid & Quote Management

> Aim your sales teams with the tools needed to better manage quotes

> Track pricing quotes to improve margins and bids won

> Consolidate current spreadsheet management into one scalable solution

Industry Pricing

> Link up with industry product and fuel prices to understand trends & direction

> Obtain pricing forecasts based on correlated metrics such as supply & demand

KPI Monitoring

> Identify budgets or internal milestones and track your performance as you reach those benchmarks

> Scorecard internal sales leaders or lagers

> Integrate financial, customer, process or people metrics and determine how you’re performing

Performance Scorecarding

> Get weekly, monthly, and quarterly snapshots of your business so you always know how things are looking

> Get real time feeds of your business and track against historical figures

Financial Performance

> Budget and spend reduction monitoring

> Cash conversion cycle management

> Compare actual revenue and your projected revenue

Performance Management


Traceability Compliance


Rapid Recall Exchange

> Quick notification of product recalls or market withdrawals that impact your supply chain

> Have confidence in your supply chain that the product your sourcing is safe from food borne illnesses

Product Traceability

> Trace your product throughout its lifecycle, from harvest to production, and from distribution to consumption

> Gain a competitive edge in having access to an industry leading item catalog

Food Safety

> Share necessary food safety mechanisms automatically

> Ensure the product your procuring is certified, safe and approved

Volatility Governance

> Keep up with customer choices, product customization, global competition and upstream supply fluctuations

> Turn your supply chain into a pull-driven or demand-driven eco-system

> Manage your supply chain risk by taking a fresh perspective on your operations

Service Level Tracking

> Identify lane risk analysis based on historical performance indicators

> Ensure your orders are being fulfilled with the best quality in mind

> Analysis trends in vendor performance to get ahead of potential operational disruptions

iBistro Farm2Fork (F2F) Score

> Identify your product freshness score with F2F by defining the best procurement channels

> Optimize your product quality by always purchasing the freshest and highest quality products

> Connect with other solutions such as food safety and traceability to name a few, creating a SAFE supply chain

Supply Chain Optimization




Inventory Management

> Maintain accurate information on the movements of your products

> Increase efficiencies in your supply chain by tracking inventory levels

> Improve accuracy, speed, and accountability of your product

Demand Planning & Forecasting

> Consolidate key metrics to create reliable forecasts

> Keep up with customer demand signals to maintain outstanding service levels

> Aggregate organizational inputs to create a collaborative process throughout your enterprise

Product Availability & Local Programs

> Showcase your products so clients can quickly order what they need

> Capture high service level suppliers and correlate with their quote price and product quality

> Define your local program by commodity and quickly capture your supplier network

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