OUR MISSION at iBistro is to energize the supply chain by connecting trading partners throughout the product life-cycle, ultimately ensuring the food we consume at our tables is safe and fresh.

Why Are We That Good?

iBistro is built on proven technology that has powered food industry, back-of-the-house operations for over 15 years.  After successfully building and selling SaaS products that power supply chains for thousands of major restaurant chains, schools and food retail, the founders of iBistro saw the need for a new SaaS tool that combines tried and true food sourcing technology with the social and mobile applications in today’s digital world.


The Control Tower

(AKA Chief Operations Officer)

Bradley “not with that attitude” Larson, is responsible for making sure that iBistro’s ambitions become a reality.

Hailing from Georgia Tech, this Yellow Jacket is a born problem solver that believes a dedicated team and a great attitude can overcome any problem.

He loves working with our clients, acting as the functional project manager for all of iBistro’s solutions.

After a hard work week, Brad enjoys spiking volleyballs, geeking out to all things Star Wars, busting a move at EDM concerts, and relaxing with his not-so-relaxed Aussie pup.


The Product Wizard

(AKA Chief Product Officer and Founder)

Marquel Underwood is responsible for the iBistro product development and roadmap.

Marquel brings years of experience in the foodservice industry to the iBistro team. After successfully selling the rights to an industry leading product, Marquel has designed his next product, iBistro’s flagship application, to revolutionize the foodservice industry.

The former 82nd Airborne paratrooper and helicopter pilot enjoys travelling and flying in his free time.


The Data General

(AKA Chief Information Officer)

Eric is responsible for the iBistro data vision and innovation derived from big data governance.

He has a knack for attention to detail and the ability to integrate creative & analytical insights to drive out impactful results. Eric brings passion and commitment within data governance to support iBistro’s vision to revolutionize the supply chain.

This data guru brings years of experience to iBistro previously working at a Fortune 500 partner under the Enterprise Business Analytics team.

Eric’s a former collegiate golfer and enjoys travelling, family and of course golfing in his spare time.